No need to thank me in person for letting you come here, I accept tribute by paypal or mastercard!


I updated the links page. I also plan to update the picture section soon with new pictures, I might also include the actual high resolution images.


I added a visual navigation to the main page, as you can plainly see. Please tell me what you think about it. As a side-note I took my resume off the website because I probably shouldn't put that information online. :P


I've changed a few minor things throughout the site. Updated the movie section to have short little things about each movie. I'll do more in this section in the future. I'll also work on changing this main page. Suggestions are welcome!


Once again it's been awhile, but now that I have a decent domain name I plan on updating this site much more often. I added the computer mainenance section. In the future I think I'll make a cookbook containing only recipes that I've tried and liked. I'll probably turn the Movies section into a movie review section.


I've done some revisions to the site, changed the background, and added a pictures section. Have fun!


I'm uploading the cookbook with this one, you can download it from the Downloads or Recipes sections. Or you can click Here I also made this site a little more useful by turning more things into links so you can get quicker and easier information.


Sorry, no cook book this time, but I'll get it up eventually, probably after I go through the entire thing again and make it so that the TOC and Index update themselves. In the future at some point I plan to have a feature that allows people to email me their own wonderful recipes.


Hey, it's been a while since I last updated, I now have a cook book that I will be uploading the next time I update.


I've added frames, and am currently adding new parts to the page, if you have any suggestions or ideas please post them on the forum that I plan to build.


This page has been made as a way for me to express myself and learn html at the same time. So don't expect any miracles.